About Us

In each class, we offer a variety of gymnastics / movement skills in a themed creative atmosphere of fun - aimed to develop the whole child - socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.


Our themed activities (which change fortnightly) are designed to offer a colourful and stimulating gym space, which helps create a fun atmosphere for parents and children to enjoy. All our equipment is child-sized and ready for action with safety always our top priority.


Discovering new friends through the weekly classes is also important while children learn about teamwork from fun activities like 'parachute' and treasure hunt games.


All our sessions run for one hour and with small class groups, your child can be guaranteed to receive quality coaching and specialised, individual attention. Our coaches are not only skilled and experienced but they also love to see their group growing in confidence each week.

Our Coaches


Julie is the owner and founder of Jitterbugs Gymnastics. She has a wide background in gymnastics and teaching.


Hana has been a Jitterbugs coach since, 2012. She has trained and competed in WAG and Acrobatic Gymnastics. 

Georgia. O

Georgia has been coaching gymnastics at Jitterbugs and Schools around the ACT. She also plays womens rugby union and plays for ACT Brumbies. She loves sport and participating in musical theatre!


Jane is a mum of 3, scientist, bookkeeper/accountant. She was a gymnast from age 4-17. Started coaching at age 14 with beginner gymnasts and lower levels artistic gymnastics for both girls and boys.


Miyako was a gymnast in Japan for over 20 years, competing at an Olympic level. She has come to Jitterbugs to learn about “fun and non competitive” gymnastics. 


Mei has been coaching at jitterbugs since 2014. She has experience in Women's Artistic Gymnastics and her hobbies include dancing and participating in musical theatre. 


Chizuko trained as a gymnast in Japan. Alongside her other commitments, Chizuko is currently running the Jbugs ‘Mumma Gym’ on Thursday nights. 


Cheyenne has been an assistant coach at Jitterbugs gymnastics for a long time. She was a Jbugs gymnast since the start of the program.

Georgia. M

Georgia has been at Jitterbugs since 2015, starting as a gymnast. She also enjoys soccor, rugby leage and dance.


Yuki is one of Jitterbug’s assistant coaches. She is experienced in WAG and has competed in Acrobatic Gymnastics with her sister Hana. Yuki is currently training in the Teens class at Jitterbugs.


Jada began as a Jitterbugs gymnast in, 2015 and is now one of the assistant coaches. She is currently training in the Teens class at Jitterbugs and also trains in dance. 

Our coaches come from around the world. We currently have Japanese
International gymnasts coaching with us.

State & National gymnasts who have competed in Woman's
Artistic Gymnastics and Acrobatics. 

We also have our very special Jitterbugs Gymnastics who are now Junior assist coaches. 

We have coaches who love & are actively involved in dance & musical theatre as well.